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This program is set to start in March 2022! For beginners. 

Call to get in on this great new program now! (707) 964-7253 email at">

Here is what you will get from this program:

  • Daily 15 minute workouts safe for all fitness levels
  • Recordings are yours to use at your convenience until they expire
  • 6 Months of lifestyle changing habits
  • 2 Personal -30 minute- consultations with Jeanine
  • Easiest Recipes and valid food replacement suggestions
  • Really good and tasty meal plans
  • No diet just a smarter plan to follow
  • Confidence and Full Support
  • Structure that fits your lifestyle
  • Membership to a private FaceBook Group
  • Videos and documents to help support your goals

Do you feel like a couch potato? Did you gain an unacceptable amount of unwanted weight? Do you feel weaker? Less confident? 

Let me help

Call to get in on this great new program now! (707) 964-7253 email at">

Most of us have been sedentary and most of us have been on a comfort food rollercoaster, not to mention the high calorie beverages, during the pandemic nightmare.

I want to help. I want to turn this horrific reality into the past with your habits and health. This is my absolute rock bottom offer of $350 for the first 12 weeks with a repeat of the same offer for the next 12 weeks. This is the easiest program ever!

Never again will this program be this price! There is simply too much work and years of knowledge and experience to sell this low. I have priced it to get us out of this rut without breaking the bank.

Please take this opportunity to achieve your new lifestyle and body. The only way to fail is to quit. Show up and do the work, realize your vision, your future fit body.

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