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Fascinating Keto Diet and Fasting.

Waz up people!,
Been a long time since  I posted. Working long hours and computer took a crap! So I've been very busy with trainings, new programs and testing LCHF diet on my people and myself.  If you want to try eating low carb high fat diet you should read Dr. Fung's book on intermittent fasting and the keto diet.  All benefits and how to's and whys are in there.  Then Dr. Mercola is very strict and successful with his way of eating when you have challenging health issues or just want to jump start your body . 

 I first watched them both talk on youtube then I ended up buying their books and other great books that I'll talk about later.  
  Now for the good stuff.  Intermittent fasting and keto way of eating have these benefits and more.  

  1. Cravings and ravenous hunger go away.
  2. Blood pressure improves
  3. Triglycerides in blood improves (heart health)
  4. Anti inflammatory (inflammation = ill health)
  5. Boosts Human Growth Hormone (youth)
  6. Turns on the other good hormones
  7. Improves cholesterol
         8.Learn how to Burn your fat stores!

Sounds pretty great right?  Definitely worth a try.  Fat stores cannot be burned if you are burning carbs as your energy source.  Every time you eat it spikes insulin.  When insulin is present you cannot cannot cannot burn fat.  Most of us are carb burners and sadly just burn our 2000 to 2200 calories of stored carbs, while the 60,000 plus,  way plus in some cases, of fat stores stays sitting in storage on our hips, waists, stomachs, legs, arms, necks, faces, feet.  My program coming in fall 2017 will be a guided program on how to become a fat burner! and the workouts are a phenomenal 15 min. 4 times a week!  I know you have time for that.  So easy to follow, time friendly and finance friendly.  Can't wait to post a sample day. And I'll post my new test group's trials and tribulations on their journey to freedom from the yo yo crap dieting that never works. NEVER.  
Diets have a 99% failure rate!  Because they don't work. 
 You need to understand how the body works and every single person is different.  So you need to learn how to  tweak the program to fit you and your life.
How does 11 a.m. Denver omelet sound for breakfast or a berry smoothie, 3 pm. Lunch broccoli cheese soup and 6:30 dinner steak with artichoke and mayo and a big salad?  That's just one sample day of eating keto and intermittent fasting for 16 hours of no eating and 8 hours of eating.  
See you soon!  With love,