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Super Simple Fitness and Health Tips

Hi All,
I would like to suggest some habits and wellness tips for the beginning of the year.  Staying fit really isn't that difficult at all.  Most people make it more difficult in their heads. 
 I have to take all that time to get to the gym, studio, park etc

How much time did you take to watch the boob tube?  What did you learn? Did this time make you feel better?  

We sit in front of electronic devices more than we think and yes the phone counts! Seriously document this time. For one week.  Every time you get on a device track your  time.  Do it. Open your eyes to the loss of valuable time.

 Now take those hours and put them toward shopping for vegetables and fruits, exercise and meditation.  3 very simple things, simple but not easy. It's a decision.  Are you tired? Sick? Sick and tired.  Make that decision to end this cycle of deterioration of the body and mind.  Try these simple suggestions.   

I promise you, you will like you a whole lot more.  If you like you a whole lot more guess what, people will like you too.  
  Learn about the green smoothie.  There are millions of recipes out there.  I like Kim Snyder, she is a famous nutritionist and her green smoothie is a great start. Her book The Beauty Detox Solution is a great start for any one. Drink green smoothie everyday. Add ingredients that you like.  Know what they can do for your body.  Did you know certain plants can tighten your skin?  Kill off cancer  cells?  Fire up your immune system.  Make your gut work-this is your immune system by the way- 

Do you think a bagel with cream cheese, potato chips, Taco Bell, beer, pie  is a good live vibrant food to put into your body?  Any food that you cannot pronounce and did not come from the earth is not a good choice.  Think of food as how you would like to look.  Live food is gorgeous, plump, glowing and alive with energy, everything we want and need, right?
 It smells and tastes great.  Write down how you feel when you eat fruits and vegetables. 

Reconnect with real food not dead food.  And why would you kill this awesome life giving food with a microwave? You are not saving time you are destroying nutrients that your body wanted to use to repair and heal from.  Now it has dead nutrients that cannot be used and your body will CRAVE more food.  Same goes for processed, chemical laden man made food. 

Get off the cycle and feed yourself real plant based food most of the time.  You will feel and look better. Here are the most basic tips.  Go ahead put your toe in the water and I hope this leads to a big cannon ball into your wellness journey! 
1.  Drink a green smoothie work up to 8 oz. everyday.
2. Drink 10 8oz .glasses of filtered water with organic lemon squeezed into each glass.
3.  Eat 5-6 times a day mini meals eg. 6am green smoothie, 8am egg and veg. scramble 11am- Salad with at least 2 veg. raw apple cider vinegar and olive oil, 2:pm- choc. smoothie with raw cacao dates frozen banana peanut butter and T flax seed oil Dinner salad 10  min. later eat your lean protein and or vegetables have grains if you did not have a protein. Get creative have a curry rice and veggies, or sirloin steak with artichoke etc. 
4. Take a plant based probiotic or eat raw fermented veg. (healthy gut, healthy immune system)
5. Take omega 3 fatty acid source.  Fish oil of good quality work up to 2 T a day.

1 .Plank work up to 1 min
2 .Push ups work up to 10 toes
3. Jumping jacks 1 min. even if you have to rest
4. Abs- oblique bicycle on back 1 min
5. Meditate- Sit quietly for 10 min. when you get up and before bedtime. That's it.

.Do any exercise that you enjoy for 30 sec. vigorously: Eg. Run, Bike, Swim or the ones above.
Here is an example of a beginner workout.
(mountain climbers  rest 30 Run in place 30 sec. rest. chair body squats (sit it chair then stand)  repeat until you are able to do 12 30-30's in a row.  Do this every day start with 3 min.  work up to 12 min. 
and you will be fit.  Change up the exercises as you get more fit.

Simple but not easy.  It is a mind set, a decision.  No one can influence this decision. When you feel this way about this change, you are ready and nothing and no one can get in your way.......
Good luck.  Learn proper form and visit Dr. John Bergman on you tube for more tips and education on just about any subject to do with wellness!
Much Love until Later
Jeanine  PS- No time to go over this rough draft hope it's clear enough for you to understand.

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Super Simple Fitness and Health Tips
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Super Simple Fitness and Health Tips
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Super Simple Fitness and Health Tips
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Super Simple Fitness and Health Tips
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Super Simple Fitness and Health Tips
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Super Simple Fitness and Health Tips
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