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I have been a weight lifter for 20 years, and thought I was strong, but TRX has given me a core strength greater than I've ever had. I get all the benefits of resistence training, with none of the stress on my joints. As an added benefit, my flexibility has improved dramatically. My knee replacements left me unable to walk downstairs normally and with six months of TRX, I can go downstairs in a normal manner.

Judy Sinclair, Age 70

I have practiced going on 30 years of yoga on a daily basis- half my life! I started Jeanine's class in Aug.,2007 and I've grown even stronger and more flexible. TRX and Jeanine are what I needed to round out my yoga practice.

Susan Charles, Age 62

My name is Malia Nelson I started Jeanine's Incredible Shrinking Woman Program 6 months ago. I have lost 71 lbs., 38 inches and 1/4 of my body fat. Most importantly I feel better than I have in over 20 years and have probably added another 20 years to my life. I didn't even realize some of the limitations that extra weight had put on my abilities to live. Simple things like tying my shoes, cutting my toe nails, all those things you take for granted had started to become harder to do. I now can easily do thoses things and have so much more energy and enjoy life so much more. Jeanine has given me by life back!!! I urge everyone to give this program a try. I commited to change my life and it's working for me. The studio is a comfortable place where everyone is very supportive and encouraging. The program is simple and makes you want to get up and go. I thank Jeanine everyday for being there for myself and everyone else I see making their dream for a new life come true.

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